Virat Kohli, an Indian international cricketer and the former captain of the Indian national cricket team.

Aug 4, 2023 - 12:04
Virat Kohli, an Indian international cricketer and the former captain of the Indian national cricket team.

Virat Kohli, an Indian international cricketer and the former captain of the Indian national cricket team.

Virat Kohli, one of India's most celebrated cricketers, was born on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, India. From a young age, he displayed a profound passion for cricket and an insatiable hunger for success, which laid the foundation for his remarkable journey in the world of sports.

Early Life and Cricketing Journey:

Growing up in a middle-class family, Virat was introduced to the game by his father, Prem Kohli, who recognized his son's potential and encouraged him to pursue cricket seriously.

He began playing cricket at the age of nine and trained at the West Delhi Cricket Academy under the watchful eyes of coach Rajkumar Sharma.

As he progressed through the ranks, Kohli's performances at various age-group tournaments caught the attention of selectors.

In 2006, he represented India in the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup and led the team to victory, showcasing his exceptional skills as a batsman and his leadership qualities.

International Debut and Rise to Stardom:

Virat Kohli's talent and consistency in domestic cricket earned him a place in the Indian national team. He made his ODI debut against Sri Lanka in August 2008 and announced his arrival with a brilliant half-century. Although his Test debut followed in 2011, it was the limited-overs format where he initially made a significant impact.

Kohli's exceptional batting prowess, aggressive style, and incredible fitness became his trademarks. He demonstrated an ability to chase down targets, often rescuing India from challenging situations.

His consistency and hunger for runs earned him the reputation of being one of the best ODI batsmen in the world.

Captaincy and Leadership:

In 2017, Kohli was appointed the captain of the Indian cricket team in all formats. Under his leadership, the team achieved several memorable victories, both at home and overseas.

His aggressive approach and unwavering determination as a captain inspired the players to perform at their best.

Personal Records and Achievements:

Throughout his illustrious career, Virat Kohli has shattered numerous records, becoming one of the most decorated cricketers in the history of the sport.

He holds the record for the fastest century in ODI cricket, has scored the most centuries in ODI run-chases, and is the fastest to reach 8,000, 9,000, 10,000, 11,000, and 12,000 runs in ODI cricket.

Kohli's success in Test cricket is equally impressive, and he is known for his remarkable consistency across all formats.

He has received numerous accolades and awards, including the prestigious Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for ICC Cricketer of the Year on multiple occasions.

Off the Field:

Beyond cricket, Kohli is also known for his philanthropic endeavors and advocacy for fitness and healthy living.

He is actively involved in various charitable causes and has launched initiatives to promote sports and physical fitness among the youth.

Personal Life:

In 2017, Virat Kohli married Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, and the couple is often referred to as a power couple in India's entertainment and sports industries.


Virat Kohli's journey from a passionate young cricketer to a cricketing legend has inspired millions of fans and aspiring cricketers worldwide.

His aggressive playing style, combined with remarkable consistency, has made him a role model for aspiring athletes and a national hero in India.

As he continues to grace the cricket field with his exceptional talent, Virat Kohli's legacy is already etched in the annals of cricket history, and he remains an iconic figure in the world of sports.

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