Britney Spears Denies Fight With Boyfriend, Blames Her Mom: "I Can't Stand Her"

"Just to let people know... the news is fake," Britney said

May 3, 2024 - 13:45
Britney Spears Denies Fight With Boyfriend, Blames Her Mom: "I Can't Stand Her"

American singer Britney Spears allegedly got into a fight with her boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz on Wednesday. Following the alleged incident, the 42-year-old was photographed outside Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles after paramedics arrived. In the images shared on social media platforms, Britney can be seen wrapped in a blanket, covering herself with a pillow. Now, refuting the rumours, Britney has shared a note on Instagram. She wrote, "Just to let people know... the news is fake !!! I would like respect at this time for people to understand I am getting stronger everyday!!! Truth sucks so can someone teach me how to lie??? Goddesses out there, I'm reaching my higher power and furthermore, I hope you guys are too !!! I need a new toothbrush right now”

“PS... I need an espresso !!! PSS... Not sure why I feel the need to share this... I guess I'm just a girl and I'm on my period so I'm bitchy ... shit !!! I also twisted my ankle last night and paramedics showed up at my door illegally. They never came in my room but I felt completely harassed. I'm moving to Boston !!! Peace,” Britney Spears added.

Check out her post below:

In another post, Britney Spears shared two videos of her severely swollen ankle and discussed how she had fallen and twisted it. In the last frame, she posted a picture of her lawyer Mathew Rosengart and expressed her gratitude. The side note read, “I know my mom was involved !!! I haven't talked to her in 6 months and she called right after it happened before the news being out !!! I was set up just like she did way back when !!! I wish I had grandparents !!! I can't stand her !!! I honestly don't care I will say it !!! Psss this man is wonderful !!! He's like a father to me and he got me through last night !!! I adore you and admire you mister Mathew !!!”

In case you missed it, on Thursday, TMZ reported that after a “huge fight” with her boyfriend, “She (Britney Spears) ended up out of control, crying, possibly cut, and almost driven away in an ambulance.”

The report added that the paramedics arrived at the hotel around 12:40 AM. The team also spoke to Britney Spears, who was making her way out of the hotel with a pillow and blanket wrapped around her. 

Britney Spears didn't get into the ambulance and left the scene with her security, the report said.

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