Cadila Pharmaceuticals CSR lights up Bhetawada village streets after four decades

Dec 21, 2023 - 16:41
Dec 21, 2023 - 16:41
Cadila Pharmaceuticals CSR lights up Bhetawada village streets after four decades

Ahmedabad: Bhetawada village in Dholka taluka has emerged from decades of darkness with a transformative CSR initiative by Cadila Pharmaceuticals, one of the oldest and largest privately-held drug manufacturers in the country.

Bhetawada is known as the village of flowers since most of its farmers are engaged in floriculture farming. However, the absence of streetlights for many years resulted in numerous challenges for the 4,500+ village residents.

The absence of streetlights led to accidents, restricted movement after sunset, and increased vulnerability to criminals. The lack of illumination also posed difficulties during medical emergencies since transporting individuals to medical centres was challenging.

To address this critical challenge, Cadila Pharmaceuticals collaborated with the village panchayat and installed LED lights, complete with stands and cabling, on 150 light poles throughout the village, bringing light to the village’s streets after several years. The initiative was undertaken by Cadila Pharmaceuticals as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Dr. Bharat Champaneria, Trustee of Indrashil Kaka Ba and Kala Budh Public Charitable Trust, the charitable arm of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, said, “It is deeply satisfying to be able to contribute to improving the lives of residents of Bhetawada with our CSR project. We remain dedicated to supporting communities with initiatives that make a positive and lasting impact.”

Expressing gratitude for the initiative, Chinubhai Darbar, a community leader in Bhetawada, said, “In my 45 years, I have witnessed well-lit streets in my village for the first time. This has made our lives comfortable and we can fearlessly in the village in the night. Most importantly, it has instilled a sense of safety among the women and girls in our community.”

Moreover, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has also provided a sustainable solution to the village to meet its electricity needs. In addition to the streetlights, the company has equipped the village panchayat with a 5 KVA solar panel, which is expected to reduce the electricity bill for streetlights by up to 80%. It will also promote the use of renewable energy sources and contribute to the conservation of the environment. 

About Cadila Pharmaceuticals:

Cadila Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical company with a rich history of over seven  decades. Established in 1951, the company has consistently focused on creating innovative and affordable healthcare solutions for people worldwide.

With a strong commitment to ethics, quality, and integrity, Cadila Pharmaceuticals strives to make a positive impact on healthcare delivery, driving its mission to provide affordable and accessible medicines for a healthier world.

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