Farah Khan Says, "Entourage Cost Of Actors Is A Waste Of Resources"

Farah said, "That cost is nowhere to be seen in the film"

May 14, 2024 - 22:45
Farah Khan Says, "Entourage Cost Of Actors Is A Waste Of Resources"

Director Farah Khan recently talked about the skyrocket entourage cost of actors which, in a way, challenges producers, in a recent conversation with Twin Encounter. When Farah was asked about the changes the industry has undergone over the years, she cited both good and bad sides of the industry. Farah said, "The bad change is that, earlier, the industry would function on relationships. So, if I wanted something, I would directly call the actor. Now, I will have to meet the manager's sub manager, then the manager will meet, after that the agency will meet! It has all become very clinical. The inter-personal relations have been ruined because of this."

Farah also commented on the rising entourage cost of actors that producers have to bear. "The change I would like to bring about is that the entourage cost has become too much. An actress comes with nine people, an actor comes with eight people. That is a waste of resources. That cost is nowhere to be seen in the film! That needs to be controlled a bit. Woh producers pe bohot bhaari padta hai (It challenges the producers' ability)," Farah said.

Earlier, Farah talked about Bollwyood stars and their increasing demands of vanity vans. During a YouTube vlog conversation with TV actor Dipika Kakkar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim, Farah Khan discussed how top movie stars have hefty demands, including requiring up to four vanity vans each at the start of their workday. She shared, "Until the vans don't come, they don't act. Nowadays, each actor has about four vans for themselves. One person. One is for their gym,, one is for their staff, one is for them, one is... then the food truck comes, that's separate."

"Earlier, heroines would change behind trees, we would hold towels for them. I have done it for them. When you go for (outdoor) shoots you'd do it, even in Switzerland they would change behind the bus, use bedsheets to cover. Now the actors don't budge unless their vans come," she added.

Farah Khan recently choreographer the song Naina from the film Crew starring Kareena Kapoor, Tabu and Kriti Sanon.

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