Jhandeya to Jheenat, Jungli Billi to a rapping a song, grooves to moves, all this and more with Krafting’s campaign for leap club

Aug 22, 2023 - 17:12
Aug 22, 2023 - 17:15
Jhandeya to Jheenat, Jungli Billi to a rapping a song, grooves to moves, all this and more with Krafting’s campaign for leap club

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August 2023:

The magic in crafting a good campaign is in the nuances of human insight. That’s what the word ‘trending’ is after all, isn’t it? Trending is what relates to the audience, trending is what creates conversation between people, two or more. For Leap.club’s campaign to launch their Rs 2000/- membership, as well as highlight their USP’s, Krafting Networks, a decade old ad agency based in Bengaluru and Mumbai, crafted an integrated and holistic digital first campaign that stood out for its relatability, shareability and brand recall.  

Objective of the Campaign

Leap.club is a networking platform built exclusively for women to grow and advance in their socio-professional network.  Through the platform, women can apply for jobs at reputed companies, crack partnerships, scout freelancers or consultants, attend immersive offline events and online workshops, join communities like investments, fitness and simply make real friendships.  Leap.club aims to onboard and become a community of 25000+ members by creating brand awareness and grab eyeballs around the launch of their Rs. 2000 offer for lifetime membership.  While the brand wanted the true essence of the platform to come to the fore, they also wanted to ensure that the brand’s tonality shines through, along with the usp’s of the platform.

Scope of the Campaign

Krafting Networks was assigned with strategizing, conceptualising, curating and executing the campaign with a digital first approach.  The team at Krafting realized the importance of crafting a strong campaign which highlighted the brand's USP's and not only gained impressions but also enhanced brand recall and affinity.  Krafting worked on a holistic approach to ensure that the campaign created the right noises for the brand, built on their tone of voice, amplified the message resulting in conversion to consumer onboarding and brand recall.  From onboarding the faces of the campaign, to scripting, onboarding the production house and media buying and distribution for the campaign, Krafting conceptualized a comprehensive, holistic and digital first campaign.  All this was done in close collaboration and by liaising with the leap.club founders Ragini, Anand and their team.

Key stakeholders who worked on the campaign:

Harshin Shah, Founder, Krafting Networks

Sushmita Kotian, Sr Brand Solutions Manager, Krafting Networks

Niharika Darira, Group Creative Head, Krafting Networks

Films Directed by: Diksha Grover

Films Produced by: MG Productions

Series of Innovative Touch Points

Building brand affinity and creating a memorable digital ad was key to bringing the audience to the brand. For the brand message and recall, Krafting signed Zeenat Aman, an icon who has become a voice to be followed on Instagram with her gracefully written and authentic posts. They crafted the Jhandeya to Jheenat campaign and had the real paparazzi give memorable shots as they papped Zeenat Aman on the sets of Leap.club across various situations.  With over 2500 shares, close to a million views and a ton of valuable comments, the whole world was talking about this one.

The second film was also with the gorgeous Zeenat Aman and Krafting got her to do something she has never done in 50 years of her career, which is sing, and well almost rap a track! While everyone visualizes a young actor when thinking of a rap, here was Zeenat Aman in her seventies singing with swag like none other. Zeenat Aman even penned a few lines for this track. Ah, talk of being involved in the project.

The coverage and impact of both films were phenomenal and there could be no better ambassador than Zeenat Aman for leap.club’s first phase of the campaign.

The next set of three films were with Sayani Gupta who was on board for Leap.club's second phase of amplification of the campaign. Given that she is the new age woman who is fearless, ambitious, successful with a total boss vibe, she personified the target group for Leap.club and proved to be the perfect fit.  All the films were crafted to speak of the brand's USP's, while intertwining a storyline that the audience would relate to.

Speaking of the entire campaign, Harshin Shah, Founder, Krafting Networks said "Building a brand campaign is about creating a memorable message for the brand’s TG, that they can either relate with, or start a conversation about. We have to not just sell the brand’s USP’s, but rather evoke an emotion in the consumer and then begin the consumer journey from there. leap.club is a brand that has a unique voice, and is a much loved community already. Building a brand campaign for them that aligns with their values, with their tone of voice and what they want to communicate was a challenge we loved taking on. Highlighting the value of leap.club as a brand, using the right distribution methods and ensuring that the ads were memorable were our pillars across the conceptualisation process. It was an absolute breeze and pleasure working with Ragini, Anand and the team at leap.club. Having Zeenat Aman and Sayani Gupta be a part of this campaign was pretty dan, as they say today. We ensured we were unconventional and clearly focused on creating awareness by building a memorable campaign that was relatable."

All in all, an audience centric campaign that was thoroughly enjoyed by all stakeholders and one that resonated completely with the target audience.

Here's what Ragini and Anand from leap.club had to say about the campaign.

“The entire focus of our brand campaign was to create awareness around how women are using leap.club to live their best social-professional lives and launch our Rs 2000/- lifetime membership. As a young women only platform with a strong mission, it was essential that we communicate the message creatively without sounding preachy and without bashing other genders. Krafting understood our vision, matched our vibe and understood the nuances of our brand from the first meeting we had with them, and from there-on it was about curating this entire mega campaign together”.  Ragini Das, Co-Founder, leap.club

“This campaign was launched to popularise leap.club's offerings and what we do as a platform. In the last 2 years, we have only grown via word of mouth and member love, but now we want all of India to see what we are building. We set out with this large goal in mind. Krafting Networks took that vision and crafted it with some bold scripts and ads that would stand out. Zeenat Aman rapping, Having the paparazzi trending moments turn into a film and being the first brand to actually call them, to having Sayani Gupta evoke our anthem, it's been a campaign that's stood out for a lot of our members and for us”.  Anand Sinha, Co-Founder, Leap.Club

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