Mrs. Namrata Singh Clinches Coveted Title of Golden Face of South India 2024

Jan 30, 2024 - 16:13
Mrs. Namrata Singh Clinches Coveted Title of Golden Face of South India 2024

New Delhi January, 2024 – Mrs. Namrata Singh, emerges victorious as the Golden Face of South India 2024, amidst a dazzling evening celebrating beauty, talent, and a noble cause. The prestigious Golden Face of South India 2024 event, held recently, marked not only a celebration of beauty but also a profound commitment to a noble cause – raising awareness about skin donation for acid attack victims. The event was orchestrated through the collaborative efforts of visionaries Gopinath Ravi and Saravanan from Wyndow Entertainments, alongside Hemanth, the Founder & CEO of ACTC Studio. 

Distinguished chief guests Amy Jackson and Shreya Saran graced the event. Also, the event was graced by AL Vijay, the director and chairman of Wyndow Entertainments along with Paravati Nayar, the brand ambassador Wyndow Entertainments. 

The event drew over 1000 registrations from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, and Kerala. Beyond its glitz and glamour, GFSI stands out as a noteworthy event with a commendable mission of aiding acid attack victims. 

Mrs. Namrata Singh, who is also a diet counsellor  with her elegance and charisma, stood out among the talented participants, reflecting the essence of the pageant's vision. Her journey, marked by dedication and passion, underscores her commitment not only to the world of beauty but also to the advocacy for social causes. 

Expressing her gratitude, Mrs. Namrata Singh shared, "I am deeply honored and humbled to be bestowed with the prestigious title of Golden Face of South India 2024. Participating in events like these is not just about showcasing outer beauty but also about contributing to noble causes that impact lives positively." 

GFSI, introduced by Wyndow Entertainments, serves as a platform to unearth and celebrate budding talent while championing meaningful causes that resonate with societal welfare. The evening was a vibrant tapestry of talent, glamour, and advocacy, symbolizing the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment. 

Through initiatives like GFSI, the beauty pageant fraternity continues to redefine beauty standards, fostering a culture of acceptance and compassion. 

As Mrs. Namrata Singh embarks on this remarkable journey as the Golden Face of South India 2024, her presence promises to inspire generations, resonating with the values of beauty with purpose and compassion.

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