Samantha Ruth Prabhu Repurposed Her Wedding Gown. See Drastic Transformation

"The dress I am wearing today is a beloved gown that has been repurposed," Samantha Ruth Prabhu wrote

Apr 26, 2024 - 10:15
Samantha Ruth Prabhu Repurposed Her Wedding Gown. See Drastic Transformation

Samantha Ruth Prabhu redefined sustainable fashion and how as she attended the Elle Sustainability Awards on Thursday evening. So, what was so special about her beaded bodice gown, you ask? Well, it was her wedding gown that was repurposed. Designer Kresha Bajaj shared a video showcasing the outfit's drastic transformation. Kresha Bajaj shared a collab post with Samantha, showcasing the entire process of creating the outfit. "There are always new memories to be made. There are always new paths to walk. There are always new stories to tell. We loved working with Samantha, our muse, to help her create a new memory, and tell another story. Beauty is forever. And it can take on a new form every day. For Samantha Rruth Prabhu, for an award show," read the caption.

The Internet was quick to recall that this was the gown that Samantha Ruth Prabhu wore for her wedding in 2017. Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu, co-stars of films like MajiliYe Maaya Chesave and Autonagar Surya, got married in 2017. The stars announced their separation on social media in a joint statement in October 2021.

In the comments section, an Instagram user wrote, "It was her wedding dress. Right? Great idea." A lot of users thought it reminded them of Princess Diana's iconic revenge dress. A comment read, "Reminds me of the revenge dress of Diana." Another added, "Revenge Gown (like Diana's) or something." Another user commented, "Love the caption...She could have easily dumped her wedding gown but she instead chose to remodel and wear it. Such is life, you can't move away from your past but move along with it and evolve." Another comment read, "The creativity, thought and detail."

Check out the post here:

Sharing details about the outfit, Samantha Ruth Prabhu wrote, "We cannot ignore sustainability anymore. We're past that stage when it was a choice. It's now a necessity for the longevity of our planet that we call home. The dress I am wearing today is a beloved gown that has been repurposed for this occasion by the most talented Kresha Bajaj. While that might sound insignificant... entitled even... to many... I assure you that repurposing my old clothes is only one of many steps I am consciously taking to alter my habits and make my lifestyle more sustainable. And every little gesture, every little decisive action, is important. It all adds up. I urge myself and all of you that have goodwill for me in your hearts to make those little efforts. Thank you."

In terms of work, Samantha Ruth Prabhu will next be seen in Citadel: Honey Bunny with Varun Dhawan.

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