The International Conference on University Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Research in Nursing Successfully Concludes in NIU

Feb 14, 2024 - 17:01
The International Conference on University Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Research in Nursing Successfully Concludes in NIU

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, February 10, 2024-The University Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Research in Nursing (UNI-ENTRENOVA) 2024 International Conference, hosted by the School of Nursing at Noida International University, concluded with resounding success on February 9th, 2024. Held at the prestigious Noida International University campus, the two-day event brought together esteemed academicians, researchers, technocrats, practitioners, and students from across the globe to exchange ideas, share experiences, and discuss the latest advancements in the field of Nursing. 

The inaugural session, graced by Dr. Alok Kumar, featured insightful addresses by Prof. (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj, Vice Chancellor at Noida International University, and the release of the Conference Proceedings by Pro(Dr) Deepak Sethi, Dean of the School of Nursing at Noida International University. 

Under the auspices of NIIMS (Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences), the symposium commenced with an enlightening session featuring Mr. Geoffrey M. Roche, Director of Siemens HealthCare, and Prof. (Dr.) Neetu Bhadouria, Principal of Government Institute of Medical Sciences, Greater Noida. Their discussion explored the entrepreneurial journey in the healthcare sector, offering invaluable insights and experiences. Two books were also launched at the auspicious event that marked the importance of research.  

Throughout the event, distinguished speakers including Prof. (Dr.) Ashok Kumar Bishnoi, Prof. (Dr.) Ram Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Yogesh Kumar, and Prof. (Dr.) Manju Chhugani shared their expertise on topics ranging from research and entrepreneurship to strategic programming in community healthcare. 

Interactive sessions led by prominent figures such as Dr. Jose Arnold Tariga from Harvard Medical School and Prof. (Dr.) Latha Venkatesan from AIIMS, New Delhi, delved into the role of government and academia in shaping policies for innovation, as well as advancements in healthcare research materials. 

Dr. Sarika Saxena, Vice-Principal of the Government Institute of Medical Sciences, emphasized the importance of showcasing and sharing ideas for health research, fostering collaboration among stakeholders for impactful outcomes. 

Prof.(Dr.) Deepak Sethi, Dean of the School of Nursing, extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters for their invaluable contributions to the resounding success of the UNI-ENTRENOVA 2024 International Conference.

Over two enriching days, we witnessed vibrant networking opportunities, fostering the exchange of ideas and collaborations among over 226 research scholars, faculty members, students, and key officials from both national and international arenas.

With a focus on recent advances in Nursing, particularly emphasizing sustainability, the conference program, including keynote addresses, presentations, and discussions, provided a fertile ground for knowledge exchange and laid the foundation for future advancements and innovations in our field. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication, which made this transformative event possible. 


Initiated in December 2023, the conference saw collaboration from an 11-member executive committee representing various colleges alongside members from Noida International University. With the support of a 19-member advisory board and a 20-member scientific committee, the conference provided a premier interdisciplinary platform to address challenges, innovations, and trends in Nursing. 

Under the theme of "Sustainable and Structural Systems," the conference received overwhelming participation, with 34 abstracts and 20 papers submitted. Ultimately, 28 abstracts and 18 papers were accepted for presentation, reflecting the high caliber of research and scholarship in the field.

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