Today Global Developers Unveils Navi Mumbai's First 'E-Motion' Homes, Redefining Lifestyle Living

Dec 14, 2023 - 09:32
Today Global Developers Unveils Navi Mumbai's First 'E-Motion' Homes, Redefining Lifestyle Living

·         3-BHK 'E-Motion' homes that blend technology seamlessly with emotions, curating personalized experiences

·         Homes with automated features like mood-inspired lighting, music, and motorized curtains

·         Redefining the perception of Lifestyle Homes in Navi Mumbai, offering spacious layouts and unique experiences within a gated community

Navi Mumbai, December 12, 2023: Today Global Developers, a leading name in the Navi Mumbai real estate market, has launched its first ‘E-Motion’ homes at its latest project, Codename Belle Vue, set to revolutionize the concept of Lifestyle Homes in Navi Mumbai.

At the project's core is a profound thought: "We understand your emotions like no one else." The ‘E-Motion’ homes are conceptualized to cater to the aspirations of a forward-thinking segment of homebuyers seeking large-sized apartments within a secure gated community. The 3BHK homes launched at Belle Vue go beyond being just residences; they are a collection of personalized experiences that offer a unique blend of moments and small memories that set the mood, all made possible through the enchantment of lights, music, and window-motorised curtains.

Each 'E-Motion' home leverages mood-inspired Smart Home Automation technology to inspire individual moods and lifestyles. Whether for parties, work, or spiritual contemplation, 'E-Motion' homes capture and customize the various moods, placing families at heart. The 3BHK homes primarily cater to young homebuyers who appreciate innovation and seek a fresh approach to Lifestyle Homes.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Mr. Bhavesh Shah, Joint Managing Director-Today Global Developer, said, “At Today Global Developers, we firmly believe that the essence of life is happiness, and our 'E-Motion' homes are a testament to this belief. We've harnessed the power of technology to curate happiness through experiences that evoke positive emotions. What truly sets these homes apart is our ability to tailor solutions based on the emotions of our customers. Homebuyers can customize experiences to match their mood patterns, effectively addressing their emotional needs. We are thrilled to unveil these transformative homes and are confident that we will revolutionize the Navi Mumbai real estate market by offering these 'E-Motions'. It's a game-changer that not only meets but surpasses the emotional needs of our homebuyers, setting a new benchmark for Lifestyle Homes in the region.”

Today Global Developers has seamlessly merged technology with emotions in creating these ‘E-Motion’ Homes. Homebuyers can customize and create unique experiences that suit their moods through voice assistance and motion-sensing device control, automated mood lighting, musical device control systems, and the most advanced keyless security system with app-based notifications.

Homes with 'E-Motions' is the company's response to the growing demand for spacious layouts and unique experiences within gated communities. Inspired by internal research, this technological marvel from Today Global Developers is poised to redefine Lifestyle Homes in Navi Mumbai. The company has partnered with "AHA" Homes to enhance the offerings in these homes.

While 'E-Motion' homes are positioned as a premium customized solution exclusively accessible to 3BHK buyers, Today Global Developers is committed to making these innovative solutions accessible and affordable for a broader range of customers. For Today Global Developers, 'E-Motion' homes aren't just another project but an emotional revolution that will forever transform how people perceive Lifestyle Homes in Navi Mumbai, setting a new standard for modern living.

About Today Global Developers - With a prestigious 20-year legacy sculpting Navi Mumbai's skyline, Today Global Developers has firmly engraved its name as a paramount player in the real estate realm. The group has seamlessly woven the tapestry of quality residential and commercial projects into the fabric of Navi Mumbai, punctuating its journey with on-time project deliveries. In recent years, Today Global Developers have become the coveted choice among discerning homebuyers. To date, the illustrious Today Global Developers has flawlessly delivered over 20 projects and has an impressive 20 lakh square feet under construction, aiming to usher in 5,000 new homes within the next seven years.

Navi Mumbai has undergone a transformative evolution, fuelled by the emergence of critical ongoing and forthcoming infrastructure ventures, making it the preferred haven for prospective homeowners. With unwavering experience and unassailable expertise, Today Global Developers envisions projects that meet and transcend customer expectations. The group's foundational ethos orbits around pursuing "Happiness and Prosperity" for all, materializing through meticulously designed spaces that breathe life into their projects. At the helm of this visionary journey stands Mr. Bhadresh Shah, the Promoter Director, who embarked on this odyssey with a mere seed capital of Rs. 50 lakhs. Today, the group stands poised to reach an astounding annual turnover of over Rs. 450 Crores by the end of the current financial year. 

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