5 captivating stories by India’s top 5 storytellers

Feb 25, 2024 - 07:15
5 captivating stories by India’s top 5 storytellers

Stories have forever enchanted us. And India has some amazing storytellers who can bring to life- love stories, horror stories, historical stories and even funny everyday incidents. Narrated by the best storytellers of the country, here are some suggestions if you are finding it difficult to listen to the best of the best storytellers from across the country. Now available on YouTube, you can listen to them at your comfort, while driving to office or just before you go to sleep at night.  

Ghost of Prison by Sudhanshu Rai

Sudhanshu Rai, India’s favourite storyteller, is most renowned for his thriller, horror and supernatural stories. In this latest story, his iconic fictional character Detective Boomrah is at work again, solving a baffling case where a prison in India is haunted by a ghost. 

What the ghost does in the prison that it casts a deep impact on inmates, following which they either killed self or were murdered. When the Jailer of the jail calls Detective Boomrah, he is sure that the case can be solved. Will the detective live up to his reputation? Find out in this thrilling story.

Pehla Pyaar by Neelesh Misra

Pehla Pyar is the story of an independent, studious Shivangi, whose aim in life is to study hard and become a professor. She lives in a noisy neighbourhood, brought alive through Neelesh Misra’s beautiful description in the story. 

So, when Shiv introduces himself and wants to be her friend, she is attracted to his honesty, yet she is trapped in emotions whether she wants to accept it or not. As they continue their conversation, the two come closer. When Shivangi’s family leaves the town and the house, will it be the end to their relationship? Watch the first part of this 4-part series here and delve into a world of enchanting stories. 

Saanjh Baati by Gargee Vidya

Neelesh Misra, narrates not just his own stories but the ones written by amazing writers from his own mandali. This one is written by Gargee Vidya. It is the story of Ghosh Babu, a teacher, and his interaction with Sangeeta from Darjeeling and how their conversations awaken their long forgottenemotions. Will Ghosh Babu be able to bring happiness in her life by the time it is time to go to Shanti Niketan for celebration of festivals? Find out in this story. 

Dastangoi by Mahmud Faruqui and Darain Shahidi

These two brought alive the Rajasthani folktale, Chauboli in typical Dastangoi format during Jashn-e-Rekhta a few years ago. The show has had over 200 shows. It is the story of Princess Chauboli who had wowed to marry a man who could make her talk four times in a single night. Twenty four princes failed to do so and ended up rotting in the dungeons. 

Thakur, the renowned archer who could shoot 108 arrows through his wife’s nose ring also wanted to try his luck. Will he succeed? The story contains a story within a story within another story, and show funny, sarcastic, bitter and lyrical side of life. 

Duniya Nashe meinhai by Gaurav Tripathi

This story on Kommune India, a storytelling platform is an incredibly relatable and heartwarming performance by Gaurav Tripathi. It is the story of Gaurav’s mama or maternal uncle who doesn’t own a mobile. Though he owns a pager but has hesitated from other technology. 

Watch this funny and insightful story about a man who lagged behind when it came to keeping pace with technology. How did he find the answers to deal with this rapid change? Watch this funny story to find out.

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