ISAMRA leverages TreadBinary Technology to Enhance Transparency and Accountability in the Royalty Distribution System

Dec 21, 2023 - 18:05
ISAMRA leverages TreadBinary Technology to Enhance Transparency and Accountability in the Royalty Distribution System
  • The collaboration aims to reducing royalty processing time considerably through the strategic implementation of customized innovations

  • By combining ISAMRA's steadfast commitment to protecting intellectual property rights of Artists with TreadBinary's technical expertise and pioneering data tools, artists can expect increased transparency, timeliness, and accountability in royalty payouts for years to come.

In a transformative move poised to redefine the dynamics of the music industry, ISAMRA (Indian Singers' and Musicians' Rights Association) has entered into a strategic partnership to leverage the technological expertise of TreadBinary, a leading technology innovator. This landmark collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the trajectory of both organisations, signaling their shared commitment to ushering in a new era of transparency and efficiency in royalty distribution.

ISAMRA, with the technical expertise of TreadBinary, embarks on a mission to revolutionize royalty distribution by significantly reducing the cumbersome process of manual data processing by 90%. The objective of this mission is to enable ISAMRA to make accurate and timely royalty distribution by reducing the processing time considerably. This monumental shift not only streamlines operations but also positions ISAMRA and TreadBinary as pioneers in the industry's technological evolution.

At the core of this collaboration lies the integration of TreadBinary's cutting-edge technology into ISAMRA's operations. This technological synergy aims to bring transparency and accountability to the forefront of royalty distribution, setting a new standard for the industry. ISAMRA's decision to harness TreadBinary's expertise underscores a shared vision to revolutionize the operational landscape of the music industry.

Through this collaboration, TreadBinary has developed a bespoke application exclusively for ISAMRA. This comprehensive solution addresses the intricate data management needs associated with millions of songs played across diverse platforms and countries. The application is designed to efficiently import, process, and store data, ensuring the identification of artists and musicians involved for accurate and equated royalty distribution.

The revolutionary application by TreadBinary offers unparalleled benefits to the music industry. Processing data for millions of songs played on various platforms with multiple artists, the application provides direct and immediate rewards for each contributor. Previously, a manual process took months which can now be accomplished within days, ensuring swift and accurate disbursement of royalties.

Yuvraj Shidhaye, Founder and  Director, TreadBinary, said, “We are delighted to partner with ISAMRA on this groundbreaking initiative to transform royalty distribution systems in the music industry. TreadBinary is committed to leveraging technology for transparency, and our specialized solutions will help enable the efficiency and accuracy that musicians deserve. By modernizing legacy approaches, our application offers real-time visibility into the complex data behind proper royalty allocation and payments. This collaboration represents immense potential to accelerate innovation through customized technology that reduces intensive manual processes from months to minutes/days. We share ISAMRA’s dedication to expanding the administration of intellectual property rights. Together we have pioneered the next generation of data infrastructure to drive fairness and empower artists across India.”

Sanjay Tandon, Founder, CEO and Director, ISAMRA , said, “As a responsible society, it is imperative that we not only collect royalties for singers and musicians but also distribute the same accurately, in a cost-effective and in a timely manner. With millions of songs to be administered, it is important that we have a robust and efficient ERP system in place. Towards this end, we are excited to start on this epic journey by engaging the technical expertise of TreadBinary to leverage the latest technology to manage our member’s data and achieve transparency, efficiency, accuracy and speed in distributing royalties to them”. 

Beyond the technological advancements, this collaboration signifies ISAMRA's evolution as it expands its purview to include musicians alongside singers. This expanded responsibility reflects ISAMRA's commitment to securing the intellectual rights of the entire music fraternity. The engagement with TreadBinary amplifies their dedication to transparency, reliability, and scalability in the pursuit of benefits for the entire member community.

The engagement is not merely a formality but a strategic public relations move aimed at illuminating the synergies between ISAMRA and TreadBinary. By highlighting TreadBinary as the chosen tech partner, both organizations seek to communicate their strategic expertise and a shared vision for the future of the music industry. This engagement is a testament to their commitment to innovation, efficiency, and, most importantly, the artists and musicians they represent.

About TreadBinary

TreadBinary®, est. 24th November 2020, is a Technology & Consulting company headquartered in Thane, India. The company was founded by Darshil and Yuvraj with a vision to bring India on the global map in the field of research and innovation in the Tech and consulting industry. Thereby creating a platform to Invent. Innovate. Inspire. TreadBinary® has a 100% subsidiary TreadBinary Inc., in the USA and has a presence in Sweden and Germany through partnerships. The inspiration behind the brand's name, TreadBinary®, stems from the idea of carefully carving a path from the basics, much like the pattern of grooves or tyre treads and working with full clarity - one or zero (binary), without any grey areas; Binary also being the fundamental digital language. Hence, “Leaving behind a legacy of digital presence – Treading Binary”.

About ISAMRA :

Indian Singers' And Musicians’ Rights Association (ISAMRA) is a copyright society to administer and control the copyright business in Performers Rights of Singers and Musicians and for the all-inclusive growth of all the singers and musicians in India, ISAMRA is dedicated to ensuring fairness and transparency with respect to collection of royalties for Singers and Musicians and is the apex body representing performers’ interests in India

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