Focus on consistency instead of motivation: Yatinder Singh

Jan 25, 2024 - 16:25
Focus on consistency instead of motivation: Yatinder Singh

Yatinder Singh is an Indian bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and fitness icon. His most recent accomplishments include the silver medal in the 7th World BodyBuilding and Physique Championship 2015 and Mr. India 2016.

From your roots in Uttar Pradesh to global acclaim – could you share the highlights of your journey?

From the humble roots of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, my journey has been both challenging and rewarding. But I still think that am yet to reach the level of ‘Global Acclaim’. Coming from a joint family in a small town where my father owned two trucks out of which he drove one himself, we weren’t very rich. I was the least studious of all the siblings plus I had an inferiority complex due to my dark complexion.

I embraced my dark complexion as a testament to my unique identity. Determination and passion fueled my pursuit of excellence in bodybuilding, and I channeled my experiences into creating a supplement brand. Today, I take pride in bridging the gap between my traditional roots and global success, promoting health and fitness for individuals of all backgrounds.

Shed light on your notable achievements.

As a supplement brand founder and pro bodybuilder hailing from Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh, my journey reflects a tapestry of achievements rooted in passion and perseverance. From humble beginnings, I have successfully established 2X Nutrition, a brand that transcends traditional boundaries, offering premium supplements accessible to all.

My achievements extend beyond the fitness arena; they embody a commitment to breaking stereotypes and fostering inclusivity. I take pride in creating a brand that not only provides top-notch products but also champions diversity and empowers individuals from non-urban backgrounds to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

In the spirit of continuous growth, I look forward to further expanding 2X Nutrition's impact, inspiring others to pursue their fitness goals regardless of their origins. These achievements are not just personal milestones; they symbolize the transformative power of dedication, resilience, and the belief that wellness is a journey open to everyone.

Reflect on the challenges encountered along your path.

My journey from a small town like Saharanpur to founding a supplement brand and achieving success as a pro bodybuilder has been a testament to resilience. Coming from a joint family, I faced both societal and familial skepticism about unconventional career paths.

Balancing the expectations of a traditional upbringing with the pursuit of my passion presented a unique challenge. Overcoming stereotypes about bodybuilding in a small-town setting demanded perseverance. 

Financial constraints were significant hurdles; however, they fueled my determination to bootstrap and build something meaningful. Navigating industry complexities and breaking into a competitive market required continuous learning.

Moreover, combating preconceived notions about body image and fitness standards has been an ongoing battle. Yet, each challenge strengthened my resolve to create a brand that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals from all backgrounds to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Every obstacle became a stepping stone, shaping not just my journey but also the mission of my brand, 2X Nutrition. 

Share insights into the recently launched 2X.

The recent launch of 2X Nutrition marks a significant milestone in my journey from a small town like Saharanpur to a pro bodybuilder and finally to a supplement brand founder. Inspired by my roots and the values instilled in me by my family, 2X Nutrition goes beyond being a supplement brand; it's a testament to the belief that fitness knows no boundaries.

Our product line reflects a meticulous fusion of traditional wisdom and modern nutritional science, catering to diverse fitness needs. From pre-workout essentials to recovery aids, each formulation is crafted with a commitment to quality and authenticity. Embracing my small-town beginnings, we are dedicated to making premium supplements accessible to everyone.

Beyond products, 2X Nutrition is a community-centric brand, that fosters a culture of inclusivity and encouragement. It's about empowering individuals, especially those from non-urban settings, to embrace a healthier lifestyle without compromise.

In essence, 2X Nutrition is not just a brand; it's a narrative—a journey from small-town aspirations to global wellness ambitions, inviting everyone to join in the pursuit of holistic health and fitness. 

Predict the future of the fitness industry in the next five years from your perspective.

After being in the fitness industry for 24 years, I have seen this industry growing at a rapid pace, especially after the COVID-19 phase but in the next five years, I foresee the fitness industry undergoing a transformative evolution.

The growing emphasis on holistic well-being will drive a shift towards personalized and science-backed approaches to nutrition and supplementation. As a supplement brand founder and pro bodybuilder, I anticipate continued demand for innovative, high-quality supplements that align with diverse fitness goals. The industry's future lies in fostering a community-centric approach, emphasizing health, sustainability, and accessibility for individuals of all fitness levels. 

What kind of government support do you believe would elevate the industry?

As a supplement brand founder and pro bodybuilder, I believe government support in the form of research grants and tax incentives for companies investing in scientific innovation would significantly elevate our industry. Encouraging studies on the efficacy and safety of nutritional supplements would foster a culture of transparency and trust.

Additionally, policies that promote education on responsible supplementation and facilitate industry collaboration can ensure consumers make informed choices. By recognizing the integral role supplements play in promoting health and fitness, the government can contribute to a thriving industry that prioritizes quality, innovation, and consumer well-being.

Can you share any forthcoming plans?

We're gearing up for an exciting year at 2X Nutrition. In the coming months, we're thrilled to introduce innovative formulations that cater to the evolving needs of our fitness community. We aim to redefine nutrition, providing cutting-edge supplements to enhance every athlete's journey.

Stay tuned for groundbreaking releases and a continued commitment to excellence in the world of fitness and wellness. Our goal is to empower individuals to achieve their peak performance and surpass their fitness goals with the support of science-backed, premium supplements. At the same time, we aim to grow our 2x Nutrition family by generating more employment opportunities. 

Impart some advice to the youth of our country.

I’ve been to various colleges like IIT, Delhi University, etc. and I feel that the youth of today is very smart, they already know a lot, and if there is some advice that I’d like to impart from my life perspective it would be that ‘motivation’ is the worst strategy.

This is because NOBODY can stay motivated for 365 days or 24x7. After all, many things are happening around us that break our motivation. So, my advice would be to focus on consistency instead of motivation. Secondly, we must have a clear understanding of our goals and try to stay away from people who try to negatively hamper our views on the achievability of our goals.

All in all, do what you want to do, focus only on the positive aspects of life without getting distracted, and never do things in life that your heart does not bear witness to.

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