Indyverse Announces Groundbreaking Collaboration with KYRA, India's First Virtual Influencer

Jan 30, 2024 - 14:57
Indyverse Announces Groundbreaking Collaboration with KYRA, India's First Virtual Influencer

Embarking on a trailblazing journey, Indyverse proudly announces its groundbreaking collaboration with KYRA, a fusion that ventures into unexplored territories, redefining the fashion landscape. This collaboration is a celebration of creativity, intertwining art, bespoke fashion, AI integration, and cutting-edge technology.

At the forefront of this transformative alliance is KYRA, India's First Digital Influencer/Creator, who, with an astounding 223k followers within a year, brings a unique wardrobe and influencer prowess to the collaboration. KYRA's customizable model has already secured collaborations with top-tier brands in the Indian market, showcasing the immense potential of AI in shaping digital influence.

Notably, the collaboration extends to the realm of 3D Meta Influencers, showcasing Indyverse's commitment to pushing creative boundaries. As India's sole homegrown fashion marketplace pioneering 3D and AI fashion, this collaboration solidifies Indyverse as an industry trailblazer. In a game-changing move for the Indian fashion scene, Indyverse introduces AI Styling, offering personalized fashion experiences with custom fits, color palettes, and fabric choices through swatch books. The collaboration also pioneers the AI-Based Digital Trial Room, allowing shoppers to virtually try clothing before making a purchase.

Indyverse takes the lead with the Bynd-Reality Platform, the first fashion marketplace integrated with a 3D metaverse, promising an unparalleled shopping experience. The platform introduces AI Fashion Products with CLO, revolutionizing 3D custom clothing design.

Quoting Ravineet Singh Marwah and Roop Kaur, Co-founders of Indyverse, "Our collaboration with KYRA marks a significant step in the future of fashion. It's a complete 360-degree cycle, from personalized fashion experiences to AI-driven 3D fashion. This partnership not only creates a vibrant community but also aims to redefine various facets of the fashion industry, setting new standards for innovation and creativity."

In conclusion, KYRA x Indyverse stands as a testament to the evolution of fashion, where AI and 3D technologies intertwine to shape a future that is both personalized and technologically advanced. This collaboration invites the audience to witness the revolution, marking a paradigm shift in the trajectory of the fashion industry.

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