Kaka Ba Hospital aims to make Hansot surgery-free by December 2024

Dec 29, 2023 - 07:44
Kaka Ba Hospital aims to make Hansot surgery-free by December 2024

Ahmedabad: Kaka Ba Hospital, Hansot, a charitable initiative of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, one of the country’s legacy and largest privately held drug manufacturers, has initiated a health campaign aimed at making the entire Hansot taluka of Bharuch surgery-free by the end of 2024.

The term "surgery-free" in this context signifies Kaka Ba' Hospital, aims to eliminate the need for surgical interventions in the entire Hansot taluka of Bharuch by the end of December 2024. The goal is to address medical issues through non-surgical means, possibly through preventive measures, early interventions, or alternative medical approaches.

In other words, the hospital is working towards a scenario where the residents of Hansot taluka won't require surgeries for various ailments, and their healthcare needs can be met without resorting to surgical procedures. The intention is likely to reduce the burden of medical expenses on the community and ensure that individuals receive necessary medical attention without financial constraints associated with surgeries.

To achieve this mammoth task, Kaka Ba Hospital is organising surgical camps in all 48 villages of Hansot, identifying cases that require surgical interventions for various ailments. Since January, more than 20 camps have been organised, resulting in over 150 surgeries performed free of cost till November.

Dr. Bharat Champaneria, Trustee of Indrashil Kaka Ba and Kala Budh Public Charitable Trust, the charitable arm of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, said, “Our vision is to make quality healthcare accessible to every individual in the community. By making Hansot surgery-free, we aim to alleviate the burden of medical expenses on residents and ensure they receive the necessary medical attention without financial constraints.”

The ongoing campaign will continue until the culmination of 2024, during which all patients in need of surgeries will be identified and covered under the program. Recognizing the dynamic nature of this project, regular monitoring and periodic reviews are being conducted, to repeat the campaign every two years.

Apart from Cadila Pharmaceuticals, other PSUs and corporates, including ONGC and Asian Paints have also extended their support to the initiative. From 2016 till December 2023, They have supported 51 medical camps benefitting 35000+ patients including 4000+ surgeries in the villages of Hansot. More than 4500 eyeglasses have also been provided to needy people.  Their support has significantly expanded the campaign’s reach, enabling more villages to benefit from the free surgical services provided by Kaka Ba Hospital.

“We are grateful for the support of Asian Paints and ONGC in this healthcare endeavor. Together, we are working towards creating a healthier and more resilient community,” Dr. Champaneria added.

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