Laapataa Ladies Star Nitanshi Goel Reveals She Got Injured On Day 1 Of Shoot

"I got injured the first day," Nitanshi Goel said

May 15, 2024 - 17:45
Laapataa Ladies Star Nitanshi Goel Reveals She Got Injured On Day 1 Of Shoot

Laapataa Ladies star Nitanshi Goel, who played the role of Phool, spoke about the challenges she faced while working on the film. She said that she injured herself on the first day and had also twisted her ankle while filming the climax. Nitanshi, who was honoured with the IMDb 'Breakout Star' STARmeter Award, was seen talking about working on the film. She shared the video on Instagram, which was originally posted on IMDb's handle on the photo-sharing website.

She recalled: "So it was my Day 1 and this scene where I was running and clashing with chotu. So I am running and looking behind and Chotu is in front of me and Abdul is behind me and to make that look very natural I was actually looking back and I was wearing glass bangles and I hit him so hard that on the first day, my glass bangles broke on my hands."

"I got injured the first day." She added: "In fact, whenever we had a take, we would hit each other so hard that I would fall this way and he would fall the other way... but it was fun."

Nitanshi then spoke about the climax scene.

"Let me tell you that your Phool ran so much for that scene because the platform was so long and there was so much crowd..." "And I would bump into people. So, I am about to meet Deepak and there's this person who mistakenly bumps into me so hard that I twisted my ankle and after that I gave two more takes."

She then went back to the vanity van and wondered why her ankle was hurting so much.

"Then I realised I had hurt my right foot. I remember the doctor telling 'she needs to rest in bed for a week' and we were like sir we have to be in Shirdi, Bhopal and then Bombay in one week. So give us a better solution," Nitanshi said.

The actress added: "Only the people on the set knew and they had pampered me so much and even more after my injury... nobody knew this happened." Directed by Kiran Rao, Laapataa Ladies tells the story of the misadventures of two young brides who get lost from the same train.

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