Met Gala 2024: Kim Kardashian's Look Spooks Internet - "Where Is Your Torso?"

"Kimmy def had that rib removal. But where are your internal organs," a comment on her post read

May 7, 2024 - 11:30
Met Gala 2024: Kim Kardashian's Look Spooks Internet - "Where Is Your Torso?"

The Met Gala is never complete without Kim Kardashian surprising us with her typically OTT outfits. A little background: Once upon a time, the reality TV star wore a "wet-dress" (read in 2019) to the Met Gala, she followed it up with a mysterious Balenciaga piece (which covered her head-to-toe). Then the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took a leaf from history and wore Marilyn Monroe's iconic 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' outfit. This year, she showed up in a Maison Margiela outfit. Kim wore a pale grey thistle-washed boiled cashmere cardigan, which she wore over a corset made from an eighteenth century antique brocade fabric rewoven in jacquard silver threads.

After Kim Kardashian posted photos of her outfit on her Instagram, a section of the Internet was a bit concerned. Kim Kardashian's post started debate over notions of body image as promoted by celebs. The corset left very little breathing room, pointed out some users. "Girl...Slay. But where did you put all your internal organ," asked a user. Another user added, "It's to a point where it's disturbing." Another user asked, "Kimberly where is your torso." Another comment read, "Kim I love you and you are stunning but this waist to hip proportion is giving unrealistic expectations of beauty to not only our daughters but to all the men and women out there. Just my unpopular opinion."

Another comment read, "This is so photo shopped... and if not... it's pathetic! What kind of role model is this sickness?" Another one added, "Kimmy def had that rib removal. But where are your internal organs?" Similar thoughts echoed in the comments. "Disturbing," wrote one. "OMG are your organs ok," asked another.

Check out Kim Kardashian's post here:

In its official Instagram post, Maison Margiela explained the inspiration behind Kim Kardashian's look. It was "inspired by the symbiotic love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and her jewellery."

Kim Kardashian, also an entrepreneur, became a household name after she featured in the television reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The former socialite has featured in films like Disaster Movie, Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor, Deep In The Valley and Ocean's 8. She also participated as a celebrity contestant in the dance reality show Dancing With The Stars.

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