Pocket FM has appointed Shivaswamy to lead the company's AI initiatives.

Aug 4, 2023 - 09:26
Pocket FM has appointed Shivaswamy to lead the company's AI initiatives.

Pocket FM has appointed Shivaswamy to lead the company's AI initiatives

Pocket FM, the leading audio entertainment platform, has announced the appointment of Shivaswamy as the head of the company's AI (Artificial Intelligence) initiatives.

This strategic move reflects the company's commitment to enhancing user experience and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to stay at the forefront of the audio entertainment industry.

Shivaswamy, a seasoned AI expert with a strong background in data science and machine learning, brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

He has previously worked with prominent tech companies and has a proven track record of driving successful AI-driven projects.

As the head of AI initiatives at Pocket FM, Shivaswamy will be responsible for spearheading the development and implementation of AI-based features and solutions.

His expertise will be instrumental in creating personalized content recommendations, optimizing user engagement, and advancing the platform's overall capabilities.

Pocket FM's decision to invest in AI underscores the platform's commitment to delivering a highly tailored and immersive audio experience to its ever-growing user base.

By leveraging AI technology, the company aims to offer users an even more seamless and enriching experience, keeping them engaged and entertained with a wide range of audio content.

Shivaswamy expressed his excitement about joining Pocket FM and leading the company's AI endeavors. He emphasized the potential of AI in transforming the audio entertainment landscape and looks forward to driving innovation and growth within the platform.

Pocket FM's CEO also expressed enthusiasm about Shivaswamy's appointment, highlighting his expertise as a valuable addition to the company's leadership team.

The company remains focused on creating a user-centric platform, and AI will play a pivotal role in achieving this vision.

As the demand for audio content continues to surge globally, Pocket FM's investment in AI-driven features demonstrates its commitment to staying ahead in the competitive market.

With Shivaswamy at the helm of the AI initiatives, the company is poised to elevate its audio entertainment offerings and cement its position as a leading player in the industry.

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