Pre Budget Quote by Manas Pal, Veeky Ganguly, and Sahil Jain

Jan 25, 2024 - 15:59
Pre Budget Quote by Manas Pal, Veeky Ganguly, and Sahil Jain

Manas Pal, Co-Founder, PedalStart

"Being a founder of a startup that itself is working to upscale and enable a startup founder’s journey, the pre-budget expectations come from the perspective of the whole founder’s community that we are building, and revolve around fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. I hope the government focuses on simplifying regulatory processes, offering tax incentives, and providing access to affordable capital for early-stage ventures. 

A conducive ecosystem for research and development, along with support for emerging technologies, can propel our nation towards global leadership in the digital economy. Furthermore, initiatives to enhance skill development and promote collaboration between academia and industry would greatly benefit the start-up ecosystem.

A forward-looking budget that encourages risk-taking, embraces technological advancements, and addresses the unique challenges faced by start-ups will not only stimulate economic growth but also solidify our position as a hub for innovation on the global stage."

Veeky Ganguly, CEO, VarcoLeg Care

As the CEO of Varco, I'm eagerly looking forward to the upcoming budget with a sense of hope and excitement. The healthcare landscape is transforming rapidly, and our digital health tech company stands at the forefront, committed to enhancing patient well-being. Our expectations for the upcoming budget revolve around creating an environment that nurtures innovation and makes healthcare more accessible. We're hopeful for increased funding in research and development, encouraging the creation of state-of-the-art medical technologies.

Putting a spotlight on digital health initiatives not only propels companies like Varco forward but also contributes to the broader modernization of India's healthcare system. On a personal note, we're keenly anticipating policy measures that simplify the adoption of health technologies.

Streamlined regulatory processes and incentives for healthcare providers to embrace digital solutions would not only benefit our business but also contribute to a more patient-centric healthcare approach. With conditions like varicose veins and diabetic foot issues affecting many, investing in preventive and tech-driven solutions resonates with the government's vision of a healthier nation.

Furthermore, we're optimistic about a commitment to skill development in the healthcare sector. A well-trained workforce capable of harnessing the potential of emerging technologies is crucial for our collective progress. Varco is dedicated to innovation, and a supportive budget would empower us to take significant steps in improving the lives of patients nationwide. We're hopeful that the budget will embody a forward-looking perspective on healthcare, underlining the transformative role of technology in shaping the industry's future.

Sahil Jain, Co-Founder, Techno Companion

"In the realm of startups, the anticipation preceding the budget is akin to a pivotal chapter in the entrepreneurial journey. The pre-budget expectations of startups are not merely fiscal aspirations; they embody the collective hopes of innovators and visionaries seeking a conducive ecosystem.

Startups yearn for tax reforms, simplified regulatory frameworks, and increased access to funding, laying the groundwork for sustained growth and innovation. The budget becomes a compass guiding the entrepreneurial spirit towards a landscape of opportunities, fostering an environment where risk-taking is encouraged, and creativity flourishes.

As we await the fiscal blueprint, the startup community envisions a budget where innovation thrives with investment and vision. As the Co-founder of Techno Companion, I believe that software development services are poised to catalyze progress, forging a digital future through strategic budgetary foresight". 

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