Shruti Haasan's Current Relationship Status: "Entirely Single, Unwilling To Mingle"

Shruti Haasan prefaced the statement by saying that she does not enjoy answering such questions

May 23, 2024 - 19:45
Shruti Haasan's Current Relationship Status: "Entirely Single, Unwilling To Mingle"

Actress-singer Shruti Haasan has put an end to weeks of speculation about her relationship with artist Santanu Hazarika and their alleged breakup. Confirming reports that the couple had indeed parted ways, the actress stated that she is “entirely single” during an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram. Responding to the fan question, “Single or committed”, Shruti Haasan said: “I don't enjoy answering these questions but I am entirely single, unwilling to mingle, only working and enjoying my life,” adding, “Enough?” to all her curious fans. The actress, meanwhile, looked lovely as ever in a saree.

It was reported in April that Shruti Haasan and Santanu Hazarika have parted ways after dating for nearly four years. As per Hindustan Times, the couple broke up in March. The source was quoted as saying: “They broke up last month. Since there were personal wavelength issues, they decided to part ways amicably." Shruti Haasan requested media for privacy and denied to comment, as did Santanu Hazarika.

The rumours began to make headlines after Shruti Haasan and Santanu Hazarika unfollowed each other on Instagram. Shruti Haasan also removed all pictures of the couple from her social media platform. 

About their relationship, Shruti Haasan had once told Bombay Times, “Santanu and I had some common friends. Our friendship blossomed because of our mutual appreciation for the love of art, music and cinema. People like him are rare. He is very kind and talented. He is a visual artist…an illustrator, and I find his art really inspiring. I have met many people who don't prioritise kindness and good behaviour, especially in our business."

 “I have dated actors before, and it was terrible. For some actors, it may work. But when it comes to me, I consider myself a creative musician first. I am a bit of an oddball. I love my heavy metal and my dark graphic novels. I have never met anyone in the business who liked the same thing as me. The actor I dated just didn't get me. It was only after I dated outside the film community was when I started discovering like-minded people,” she had said.

On the work front, Shruti Haasan will be seen in next in Dacoit: A Love Story.

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