The Boys 4 Trailer: Karl Urban And Team Answer The Call To Save The World

The Boys Season 4 will premiere on June 13

May 4, 2024 - 16:00
The Boys 4 Trailer: Karl Urban And Team Answer The Call To Save The World

In a world where heroes are anything but heroic, where power corrupts absolutely, and where the line between good and evil is more blurred than ever, Amazon Prime Video invites viewers to dive back into the chaotic universe of The Boys. The makers recently unveiled the trailer of the highly anticipated fourth season. In the trailer, Karl Urban returns as the grizzled and determined Billy Butcher, haunted by regrets and driven by a desire to make things right, even if it means facing his own demise. But as political tensions reach a boiling point and a deadly virus threatens to topple even the mightiest of supes, the stakes have never been higher.

With Antony Starr's chilling portrayal of Homelander tightening his grip on power and Erin Moriarty's Starlight caught in the crossfire, the world teeters on the brink of chaos. But amidst the turmoil, a glimmer of hope emerges as Billy Butcher rallies the team to confront corruption head-on and fight for a world worth saving.

Billy Butcher's time is running out, his leadership is questioned, and his allies are weary of his secrets. Can they put aside their differences and unite against the looming threat before it's too late? With pulse-pounding action, gut-wrenching moral dilemmas, and a cast of characters torn between duty and desire, The Boys Season 4 promises to be a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions.

The official synopsis read, "In Season Four, the world is on the brink. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under the muscly thumb of Homelander, who is consolidating his power. Butcher, with only months to live, has lost Becca's son and his job as The Boys' leader. The rest of the team is fed up with his lies. With the stakes higher than ever, they have to find a way to work together and save the world before it's too late.”

The Boys Season 4 will premiere on June 13 on Amazon Prime Video. Will you answer the call to save the world?

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