Top 5 Powerful On-Page SEO Tips for Small Teams In 2023

Discover the essential On-Page SEO strategies tailored for small teams in 2023. Unlock the potential of your website with our Top 5 Powerful Tips, designed to boost your online visibility, enhance user experience, and propel your small business to new heights. Stay ahead of the digital game with actionable insights to optimize your web presence effectively.

Dec 22, 2023 - 07:07
Dec 22, 2023 - 07:09
Top 5 Powerful On-Page SEO Tips for Small Teams In 2023

Effective on-page SEO relies significantly on high-quality media. For small or medium business owners (SMBs), the caliber of visual content plays a pivotal role in shaping how their products and services are perceived by the target audience.

In the year 2023, the on-page SEO landscape underscores the importance of top-notch images, graphics, and other cutting-edge media elements for achieving the following objectives:

1.       Enhancing Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.

2.       Securing rankings for competitive keywords within short-form video SERPs.

3.       Establishing a foundation for organic backlinks.

To realize these marketing goals, two straightforward actions can be taken to bolster your SEO strategy immediately:

1.       Move away from the use of stock images in blog articles and social media posts, prioritizing the creation or generation of unique images for your website.

2.       Intensify efforts to implement SEO best practices, thereby increasing the visibility of your content.

Discover how the strategic integration of high-quality media, supported by a robust SEO approach, can elevate your brand and optimize return on investment (ROI).

1.Generate content that naturally creates opportunities for backlinks

Backlinks play a crucial role in assisting search engines in evaluating your website's quality and determining its placement on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Securing high-quality backlinks has the potential to propel your website to the pinnacle of Google search rankings.

Before delving into strategies for small teams to expedite backlink building, let's first gain a quick understanding of how backlinks can enhance your SEO efforts and contribute to the growth of your business.

2. SEO and SERP Rankings through the Benefits of Backlinks

Backlinks form a crucial component of your overall SEO strategy, significantly influencing your site's visibility. They serve as indicators of your site's popularity among users and communicate to Google that your content holds value and is deserving of links.

Consider them as expressions of confidence; the greater the number of high-quality backlinks you accumulate, the more favorably your website performs on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In the realm of link building, the objective is to garner endorsements from multiple reputable sources for your website. The question then becomes: How can you effortlessly persuade respected, relevant websites to link to yours?

The answer lies in building backlinks.

Effectively communicating to Google that your site is reliable and credible involves the strategic construction of backlinks.

For smaller teams, the optimal approach involves creating content that naturally attracts and generates links.

Key To Building Organic Backlinks

To obtain powerful backlinks, ensure your content is unique, current, and more accurate than what others offer.

High-reputation websites highly value precise and distinctive content.

Backlinks simplify the process of referencing statistics, attributing claims, or providing context. By offering relevant information in your field, you establish your site as an authority, making it more likely to attract additional inbound links.

What kind of content works best for Organic Link Building?

The most effective content for creating natural backlinks is infographics.

Pictures like infographics work great for marketers because they are easier to understand and share.

Why? Infographics are 50% simpler to read compared to a complete blog, so people share them more quickly.

About 41% of marketers say that creating unique graphics, like infographics and illustrations, helps them achieve their marketing goals.

Creating an SEO infographic involves following the best practices for effective design

If you want to make different types of infographics like informational, comparison, statistical, timeline, or others, here's what you should do:

1.       Identify who you're making the infographic for.

2.       Decide on the style of your infographic.

3.       Make a rough sketch of what you want.

4.       Figure out the main measure of success.

5.       Come up with an interesting title and description.

6.       Ensure your infographic is easy to find and share.

Ready to make your infographic? Check out these examples and try Shutterstock’s Flex Plan for free. You'll get access to CreativeFlow’s customizable templates. 

Spend Money on Photos & Videos For Competitive Keywords

Increasingly, people are using visual search to locate what they want. Video search is also becoming more popular, especially on mobile searches where video results are prominently featured in search engine results.

Social media search is making a significant impact too, as users turn to platforms like TikTok and YouTube to find visual product reviews, detailed tutorials, and more.

Including videos in your content strategy can give your website a competitive advantage. This way, your content has more chances of being discovered by searchers.

3.  How to link pictures to competitive keyword search results (SERPs).

Starting a successful SEO strategy begins with competitive keyword research. This means finding words and phrases that many people are searching for. This research helps you understand what your customers are looking for.

To do this, focus on using words and phrases that are not only relevant but also have a high search volume. This will help your content rank higher in search results and attract more visitors.

But how do you figure out which keywords to use? How do you know which images will work best for your campaigns?

If you want to create great content without guessing, try using Predict by Shutterstock. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest creative elements that are expected to perform well. With Predict, you get instant information on the right images, “seo packages in dubai” templates, and colors to create the perfect design.

Use the Best Practices for Image SEO

Use an image search tool and apply these advanced filters to meet basic SEO standards:

·         Size

·         Orientation

·         Colors

Once you've mastered finding and applying the right images, pay attention to how you format them. Both your audience and Google value the quality and presentation of images on your page. Well-optimized images are appreciated by search engines.

4.  Google's Tips for Optimizing Images for Search Engines

Sure, here are six tips from Google for optimizing images:

1.       Avoid image layout shifts (CLS).

2.       Ensure your images are the right size.

3.       Choose the best image file format.

4.       Compress images properly.

5.       Save images in the browser's cache.

6.       Download images in the correct sequence.

5.  Select Images That Are Unique To Your Brand

When you have a small team, how can you discover unique images that haven't been used by others?

In 2023, you can generate them yourself!

With Shutter stock’s AI image generator, you can leverage creative intelligence to your advantage.

Simply provide a detailed description of what you want to create, and the generator will transform your idea into a visual reality.

Top AI Prompts for Generating Images

Begin with this easy combination: Pick a noun, add a verb, and choose an artistic style. There you go! Soon enough, you'll have a mural featuring a unicorn riding a bike in a graffiti style.

How to Utilize an AI Image Generator

Picture this! Think of anything you want, then type it into the search bar. Click on Generate.

· will provide you with several versions to choose from. You can edit the image in Create if you want, or simply license and download it.

·         The advanced technology at is developed ethically, ensuring that you can license and use AI-generated images without any concerns.

·         The generator is trained on a variety of inclusive and licensed Shutterstock content, and it also ensures that contributors are appropriately credited.

To find out more about how Shutterstock is responsibly using AI, check out additional information.

Take Advantage of New Search Trends

Keep an eye out for new SEO trends. Currently, short videos are gaining popularity in SEO, especially with the success of TikTok. Social media platforms are now emphasizing brief and engaging videos. For example, Instagram is promoting its Reels feature, and even YouTube, known for longer videos, is encouraging users to share shorter clips through its Shorts feature. Considering this trend, it's a good idea to incorporate short-form videos into your strategy.

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