Top 5 Sports Apps to Lookout for 2024

Dec 15, 2023 - 16:35
Top 5 Sports Apps to Lookout for 2024

In the rapidly changing realm of technology, sports-tech has emerged as a powerful sector, reshaping our interactions and involvement in sports. As we enter 2024, there's an unprecedented call for inventive solutions that elevate our sporting encounters.

Ranging from advanced wearable devices to coaching techniques driven by data, the leading five sports-tech platforms in India persist in stretching the limits of what can be achieved. These platforms are transforming the sports landscape, offering groundbreaking experiences for athletes and enthusiasts alike, heralding 2024 as a year of significant change. 

Game Theory 

Game Theory is passionate about building the future of sports and empowering people to experience the joy of playing sports without any of the hassles. Playing sports can be hard, but with Game Theory, it’s never been easier. Imagine being able to fire up an app, click a button, and show up at the court, guaranteeing an equally skilled player and a great game every time you want to play.

That’s the world they’re creating, one where you can play quality games, more often, because it’s easy. They’re taking inspiration from the gaming industry and applying cutting-edge technology to sports in ways that have never been done before. Their technology-enabled platform is democratizing access to pro-sports technology and providing a personalized experience that mirrors e-sports.

With Game Theory, you’ll have a profile filled with your highlights, badges, trophies, and powerful skill and location-based communities. You can challenge and get challenged, participate in amateur leagues, or buy your own teams. You can even watch your friends from the league live on your phone and reconnect with schoolmates to play like you always should have.

Get Ur Game 

Get Ur Game is an online app that helps to connect users with sports facilities by bringing sports to their doorstep. Their primary aim is to offer more sports opportunities to society by utilizing their interest and location.

As of now, Get Ur Game is providing all the sports facilities and online sessions in just a few taps. You will have access to over 50 different sports ranging from cricket, basketball, and tennis to rock climbing, shooting, and adventure sports. Their App is perfect for finding hundreds of facilities with convenient time slots. They aim at making sports accessible for all by bringing sports to their doorstep.

GW Sports

GW Sports (Formerly Groundwala) is sports facility booking platform, which also helps sports enthusiasts to find similar skills opponents/partners to play with. GW provides sports enthusiasts the most uncomplicated and quickest booking experience.

The platform offers the most comprehensive categories of sports on its platform so if you are an expert of cover drive or a free kick or a Smash, they have got your back. Find similar skilled players and opponent teams by creating a game in their “Connect” section and enjoy competitive pickup games. 


Playo is a platform that helps sports enthusiasts meet playpals, discover venues, skill-up their game, manage their activities seamlessly and buy gear. They believe in creating a playground where one can fit-in with other fellow misfits, where access is not limited by narrow membership walls.

They believe in creating a world where one can lose and rediscover oneself, where they can be both the victor and the vanquished and laugh at being both. They believe that happiness is a dish best served on the field.

Push sports 

Push sports believe in providing coaching through their top coaches and creative curriculum. They also help their students get exposure to hundreds of matches, tournaments and leagues every year. They motivate their students to perform better every day to excel in the sport.  Apart from this, they also focus on nurturing all required qualities in their candidates which help them succeed in their sports career.

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