VoiceClub App Secures $700K in Seed Funding, Propelling Innovation in On-Demand Audio Consultancy

Dec 8, 2023 - 07:48
Dec 8, 2023 - 07:49
VoiceClub App Secures $700K in Seed Funding, Propelling Innovation in On-Demand Audio Consultancy

6th December, 2023 - VoiceClub, the on-demand audio consultancy platform, proudly announces a significant milestone in its growth journey. The company has successfully secured $700K in a seed funding round led by Better Capital, with substantial contributions from TDV Partners, Blume Founder’s Fund, Sunn91, Astir Ventures, and notable angel investors, including founders of Kutumb, Dhan, PagarBook, Flobiz, Khatabook, and more.
VoiceClub, founded by Ayush Singh, Md Wasim Ali, and Azhar Rabbani has been making waves since its launch in January 2023. This is a unique platform that offers on-demand audio consulting services in different categories like Astrology, Love, Legal, and more. Within a few months of its launch, the app has received applause from customers. It has garnered over 800K downloads and boasts a user base of around 30K paid subscribers.
The fresh capital injection will catalyze product development and will help in the strategic expansion of the platform. This will strengthen VoiceClub's position in the market. This strategic allocation of resources underscores VoiceClub's dedication to enhancing the user experience, broadening service offerings, and scaling its impact.
In a world that is dominated by visual content, VoiceClub stands out by offering a unique audio consulting experience. Users can seamlessly access expert advice in categories that matter most to them. This fosters a sense of connection and personalized guidance.
"VoiceClub is not just an app; it's a transformative movement in how Bharat searches for and obtains guidance. Our mission is to empower every individual with immediate access to reliable and trustworthy audio consultancy in a wide range of fields that can transform lives, businesses and communities," says Azhar Rabbani, co-founder of VoiceClub.  

With a large user base, VoiceClub has become a go-to platform for on-demand audio consulting. The company envisions creating a prosperous future and is willing to adopt newer ideas that will make the platform more interactive and relevant to the consumer. Through this app, the company aims to provide the best advisory and consulting services to the consumer, ensuring an exceptional and valuable experience.
It currently boasts an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $300K, and aims to achieve $2 million in the next 12-18 months.

VoiceClub's success is not just measured in downloads and revenue but also in the transformative impact it has had on users seeking reliable advice. The platform's commitment to excellence and innovation positions it as a key player in the on-demand audio consulting space.

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